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Silverlight Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Silverlight

  • Why silverlight
  • Silverlight vs WPF
  • Silverlight  vs AdobeFlash
  • Versions of silverlight
  • Installing silverlight


  • Creating silverlight application
  • Embedding silverlight application with html document,asp.net document….
  • Different parts of silverlight application

Silverlight controls

  • Layout controls
  • Userinterface controls
  • User controls and custom controls

Designing user interface

  • Introduction to ExpressionBlend
  • Design surface
  • Different controls in toolbox
  • Grouping and combining objects
  • VSIDE vs ExpressionStudio


  • Variables in silverlight
  • Using collection in silverlight application
  • Isolated storage
  • Databinding to controls
  • Databinding modes


  • Using WebService in silverlight application
  • Using WCFService in Silverlight application
  • RESTful services
  • Developing WCF RIA services


  • Drawing Graphings
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • DeepZoom


  • Working with media element
  • Streaming media using silvelight
  • Introduction to expression encoder
  • Downloading images

Interacting with Htmlpage

  • Interacting with DOM
  • Calling silverlight from javascript
  • Calling javascript from silverlight
  • Silverlight font support
  • Silverlight full screen support
  • Manipulating css properties from silverlight

Page navigation in silverlight
Debugging,testing,deploying silverlight application
Silverlight application to windows phone7
Silverlight control toolkit