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R Language Online Training Course Content

Data Objects
A- Data types
– Double
– Integer
– Complex
– Logical
– Character
– Factor
– Dates and Times
– Missing data and Infinite values
B- Data structures
– Matrices
– Arrays
– Data frames
– Time-series objects
– List
– The str function

  • Importing data
    A- Text files
    B- Excel files
    C- Databases
    D- The Foreign package
  • Data Manipulation 
    A- Vector subscripts
    B- Matrix subscripts
    C- Manipulating Data frames
    D- Attributes
    E- Character manipulation
    F- Creating factors from continuous data
  • Writing functions
    A- Introduction
    B- Arguments and variables
    C- Control flow
    D- Debugging your R functions
  • Efficient calculations
    A- Vectorized computations
    B- The apply and outer functions
    C- Using Compiled code
  • Graphics
    A- More plot functions
    B- Modifying a graph
    C- Trellis Graphics
    D- The ggplot2 package
  • Statistics
    A- Basic statistical functions
    B- Regression models
    C- Linear regression models
    D- Logistic regression
    E- Tree models
    F- Survival analysis
    G- Non linear regression
  • Object Oriented Programming
  •  R Language objects